Transfer eBooks from Computer to iPad, iPhone or iPod

There are many ways to transfer eBooks to the iBooks library of your iPad, iPhone or iPod from your computer. However, today I am going to explain how to get that job done quickly with the iTools method, because in my opinion it's the simplest way to do that so, here are the steps.

Step 1 (Download iTools)

I have been supporting iTools for quite good time, because it puts an end to iTunes restrictions, not to mention that it's too heavy to load and complicated for users. iTools is the best iTunes alternative out there and it's one of the most lightweight programs I've seen. It has one great simple user interface which is very friendly, and it won't take you more than 10 minutes to figure everything out.

iTools is not just an alternative, but it packs many features making it surpass the original Apple iTunes software and put it far behind. Let's keep it short and simple, if you want to download iTools for (Windows & Mac) right now then go to our downland section and if you want to know more about how to expand the functionality of your Apple device read my other articles about iTools.

Step 2 (Connect Your iPad, iPhone or iPod)

Now that you have downloaded iTools, great thing it's a portable software so you don't have to install anything, just extract and run it. Okay, go ahead and connect your Apple device to the computer with the cable and when you're done, it will appear on the iTools interface.

Well, lets prepare now for the next step, you have to navigate to the iBooks tab located on the left sidebar so we can import eBooks to Saleem's iPad in my case.

Step 3 (Import eBooks to iBooks)

Look how simple it is, you just have to click (Import) and select the eBooks you wish to transfer to your iBooks library, and you can also export as well from your device to computer.

After that, you can just go back to iBooks library in your device and you will find all the eBooks you imported, now you can enjoy reading eBooks on your iPad, have fun!

So, does that method serve you well, do you want me to explain more ways to transfer your eBooks? If you have any thoughts do not hesitate to post in the section below.
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