How to use AirDrop on Mac or Macbook

I have already provided a tutorial on how to use Apple AirDrop on iOS devices (iOS to Any), but this time, in my second tutorial, I will show you how to send and receive files on your mac interacting with other Apple products (Mac to Any).

Please note that when you want to receive files to your mac it will be pretty much the same as the first tutorial, but I will explain it.

How to Send Files (Mac to Any)

It's so simple, you just need first to enable WiFi & Bluetooth (preferably) on your mac manually because the AirDrop feature relies on these two technologies to function, then follow the steps. Do not forget to prepare the other nearby device to receive AirDrop files, you can follow my first tutorial in order to do that (If it's an iOS Device).

Just in case the other device is another mac, then I assume you will figure this out by going through both key points here explaining (Send & Recieve) instructions in this article, it will not differ much so just understand the concept.

Step 1 (Open Finder App)

From your dashboard, open the Finder application:

Step 2 (Turn ON AirDrop)

You just need to select and allow certain type of users to find your AirDrop beacon, if you don't want to face any problems then I would recommend you to choose (Everyone).

However, if you didn't turn on both or one of WiFi and Bluetooth, it will ask you to do so, before it let you choose any options. Well, before you proceed to the next step you should confirm that the nearby device that you wish to send it files is visible, see the example below.

It will appear automatically if you have any nearby apple devices with AirDrop feature turned on, so it requires no action from you to be shown actually, except for allowing it to be seen on the other device, of course.

Step 3 (Send Your Files)

Go and highlight the files that you wish to send, then right click on the selected items to show the share options then choose AirDrop.

Then, it will show you a list of any nearby devices that are visible to your mac, so you can choose in which one you want to send your files to, in my case I have my iPhone with AirDrop set to (Everyone).

So, you need to select your target device then its status will turn to (waiting...) as show in the picture, your files will only be sent successfully if you accept them from the other device, here is what you should see.

Okay, just accept the incoming files and rock it! If you are sending to another mac a similar dialog will appear, just make sure you enable AirDrop again with the same (First and Second) steps on the other mac and you are fine!

How to Receive Files (iOS to Mac)

You can use the (First and Second) steps again from the previous topic to prepare your mac for AirDrop. Do you know what's better? You can follow the first tutorial as well if you want to send files from an iOS device to it.

Third step from the instructions above also is valid in case you want to send files from another mac to your mac, which is fabulous! Haha.

I am done, should I post another article about troubleshooting all AirDrop issues? Please let me know what you think, share your thoughts and if you have any problem never hesitate to post in the section below.
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