Where Does AirDrop Save Sent Files (Photos, Videos, etc)

I have already written several articles here on my blog explaining What is AirDrop – How Does it Work? and how to send and receive files between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad And iPod) along with Macintosh/Macbook computers.

That's how I found that people will actually want some further clarification to know where does AirDrop exactly save the sent files, considering the multitude of applications nowadays supporting this feature to share multiple types of content.

Where Do AirDrop Files Go on iPhone, iPad And iPod?

Even though the concept seems to be simple, let me explain for you where does it save your received files in the most common circumstances, here we go.

Photos & Videos

If your friend sent you a photo or video file, then you will find them in the photos app, just navigate to the albums tab and look at the thumbnails till you find it and don't worry because it will surely be placed on top.

One more thing, sometimes pictures taken by camera will be saved and listed underneath in the library, corresponding to the date they were published, say for example when a friend sends you that photo captured when you guys were swimming 6 months ago, you should look for it nearby the photos dated at the same day, accordingly.


Any eBooks sent from other device will be saved inside you iBooks library, so just go ahead and open the iBooks app and look into your collections and you will find it under the Books tab.


You can send and receive webpages from safari, you can find the sent webpage inside safari itself under the Reading List. Anyway, the link will open automatically on your browser whenever you accept it.

Make Story Short

The general idea is simple, if you accept the file on the other device, then you will get the content saved in the same app you sent it from on the first device. For example, photos will be saved in the Photos app and websites will open in Safari and so on.

Where to Find AirDrop Files Sent to Mac OS X?

When sending files from (Mac-to-Mac) or (iOS-to-Mac) you should recieve the content directly into your Downloads folder, while this folder is located inside the Users directory. You can also just use the Finder application by pressing (Option+Command+L) on your keyboard to locate whatever you want, anyway.

If you have any further thoughts or questions about AirDrop do not hesitate to post in the comment section below.
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