Top 3 PDF eBook Reader Software for Windows (PC)

There are many programs that you can use to open PDF files or eBooks, but I think that only three best eBook Readers deserve to be on my top list today, because most people think that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only option, which is not.

These PDF readers are the best options for you to read eBooks on your Windows (PC) machine, I made sure that when you install one of these, you will find great features to enhance your reading experience.

1. Calibre (Library Manager)

I have been recommending this great piece of software in many fields, Calibre is one of the most admired programs by eBooks users. It will not only let you read PDF eBooks! But, it can serve you with all the features you may need for eBook management as well.

There are many reasons to put Calibre as number one on any eBook-related list, because it can be enhanced with third-party plugins made by developers, which will expand its functionality along with infinitive possibilities, I have written many tutorials on how to use Calibre, you can do pretty much anything regarding the eBook reading industry, you may take a look at these posts here on my blog.

2. Sumatra PDF

I love this software! Sumatra is one of the best PDF readers out there, it was developed and optimized only for Windows, it's so fast, lightweight and powerful. You can also take it with you everywhere on your flash drive for example, because it's a portable program.

It's number two on my list due to many factors, let me tell you some beside being the most lightweight PDF reader. Sumatra PDF has a clean and simple interface, handy keyboard shortcuts making it the quickest PDF reader and the ability to read other eBook formats like: eBook (ePub,Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR), discover other features right on your PC.

3. PDF-XChange Viewer

If you are looking for a faster alternative program for Adobe Acrobat Reader with more basic features and functionality then this one is your best bet! PDF-XChange View is very fast and lightweight, it will do all the things you could do on Acrobat and even more.

You can open and browse PDF eBooks and files smoothly on PDF-XChange Viewer, perform simple annotations with drawings and texts like putting  and place a note on a certain point anywhere on your eBooks. There also more advanced features like page recognition and text extraction available only on the PRO version.

Where to Download?

You can download these PDF eBook reading programs for free from their official sites by a simple google search, or you may also grab them quickly from our download section where I put official links for any tool that I cover on tutorials in my blog.
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