10 Best Example Blogs hosted on GitHub Pages with Jekyll

The era of Wordpress and Blogger being on top as the only feasible blogging platforms may come to an end, today I am posting a list of the most gorgeous and successful blogs hosted directly on GitHub Pages free hosting service by a script called Jekyll which is a Static Site Generator with various features that let people create extremely functional, simple and lightweight websites.

So I've been doing research for the past few days to gather information concerning the best looking and most famous blogs around, in reference to my own opinion and my research here's a top 10 list out of what I came up with.

1. Development SEED

Development Seed is using GitHub to host their blog, they publish information and posts about their projects there, the main layout does really look awesome and functional with many features and I think it's the most interesting site to show you what Jekyll is capable of.

2. Josh Habdas's Blog

Josh Habdas's personal blog is about freelance web and mobile app development, blogging, Raspberry Pi and retro gaming. It really has an elegant design and feature-rich blog layout enough to show you how Jekyll can professionally run your blog.

3. Scott's Blog

Scott's weblog is created by an IT professional specializing in virtualization, networking, open source, and cloud computing. It's the greatest example of how lightweight and simple you can go by using Jekyll, and still implement every essential blogging element required for your blog to run perfectly.

4. Yevgeniy Brikman's Blog

Yevgeniy Brikman's blog is one reason why Jekyll and GutHub pages are the best tools to host a blog if you are a developer, many developers like him are hyped about it due to integration of the most famous and beloved development platform which is GitHub featuring git repository hosting and version control services.

5. Perfection Kills

Perfection Kills is a well-known blog about JavaScript rants and findings, it also serves a Quiz mainly focuses on knowledge of scoping and function expressions, it's been a popular among JavaScript geeks. As the name suggests, this blog is a great example of how you can make use of JavaScript and implement it on Jekyll in your own site.

6. Zach Holman's Blog

Zach Holman's blog is managed by one of GitHub engineering hires, he helped build and grow their product and culture over five years, from nine employees all the way to 250. He was the top committer at GitHub for the last two years of his time there.

7. Nicholas C. Zakas's Blog

Nicholas C. Zakas's blog is focused on front-end technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, digging in and learning all of the skills and tricks necessary to make performant, beautiful, and maintainable front-ends.

8. UX Design Blog

UX Design blog is about product designing & web development created by Lee Munroe and he focuses on designing and shipping web, mobile & desktop applications that solve problems and offer users an enjoyable experience.

9. JMPerez Blog

JMPerez blog is created by José Manuel Pérez and he is a software engineer dedicated to web development and committed to web performance optimization. He really enjoys developing websites for desktop and mobile devices, having into account most recent technologies.

10. Barry Clark's Blog

Barry Clark's blog is about building products that solve real, human problems. Author is passionate about programming, design, user experience, customer driven development, and continually improving as a manager.

What do you think about this top 10 list? Don't hesitate to share thoughts with me and drop a comment in the section below.
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