How to Fix “Your connection is not private” error of Chromium for Raspberry Pi

Raspbian developers have finally decided to use such a modern browser like Chromium Browser as a default application and it's now a part of the new PIXEL Desktop Environment, I found that some users might not be able to get chromium to work due to some simple SSL error.
Raspberry Pi PIXEL Desktop
If you encounter either one of these two errors on your Raspberry Pi when running chromium browser:
  • “Your connection is not private”
Followed by a message with a similar description as the warning block shown below:

Attackers may try to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)

Then it is mostly related to the inability for chromium to create a valid SSL certificate due to timezone not being set correctly on the raspberry pi system. Chromium browser does that to improve the security by verifying whether sites are secure and private, and that is usually a very good procedure.

However, having (Date & Time) set incorrectly will break that process and lead to error messages appearing on your screen preventing you from accessing any content on the web.

How to Fix Chromium Browser Connection Error?

Make sure that your raspberry pi is connected by an active internet connection of course, then set Date & Time accordingly through terminal by clicking on your keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + T):

raspberrypi:$ sudo raspi-config

Then choose Internationalization option where you can set the timezone to reconfigure the date automatically. If you prefer to set it manually you can also try:

raspberrypi:$ sudo date -s "2016-11-02 $(date +%H:%M:%S)"

That should do the trick I suppose, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment to share thoughts if you still have some more issues related to the same topic.
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