How to Easily Add Ringtones to Your iPhone

Many iPhone users are confused when it comes to putting new ringtones to their devices, other people think that iTunes method is very complicated and the program is heavy. So, I decided to explain the best and easiest way to put ringtones quickly whether songs or music to your iPhone the way which I personally use.

Well, this method is about a simple iTunes alternative program that is very light, yet it packs so many features even things you can't do in iTunes itself. This software is called (iTools) which is a portable program and it has got a very clean and simple user interface. The great thing about this beast, is that it only packs the useful features that you need to expand the functionality of your iOS devices.

Note : If you wish to get more out of your iDevice through your computer then feel free to check my other articles like (Transfer iOS Files & Transfer iOS Information) or visit the iTools label for many other useful tutorials.

You can use that method to export and put all your desired songs or ringtones to your iPhone or any Apple iOS Device without having to use Apple iTunes.

How to Get Started?

Simply, make sure that you already have Apple iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows (you are not going to use it). Great, now just follow this article about how to download and start using iTools with four steps (download, run, connect and rock) then get ready for the next step to add your ringtones.

Add Ringtones to iPhone Now!

I assume now that you have followed the article above and downloaded iTools then connected your device successfully. Nice, so you are now at the main interface with your iPhone information shown up on your screen like this.

Haha, it's an iPad shown up there in iTools, but don't worry trust me it won't make any difference for me to give instructions. Okay, to add songs or music as ringtones to your iPhone you will have choose the (Media) option from the left sidebar in iTools, then you should see this:

  1. Click on (Import) to select the ringtone that you wish to put and if you want to import a group of ringtones in a folder then you should press (Ctrl + A) on your keyboard.
  2. Export is meant to transfer music or ringtones from your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
  3. Delete is obvious and it doesn't need any further explanation rather than itself.
  4. Reload is used when you add new media files and they ain't showing just refresh the list.
  5. This may be the main great simple feature, when you upload a new ringtone then just click on (Make Ringtone) and boom it becomes your main ringtone, immediately.
If you choose (Import) then a window will appear asking you to select your desired files. Now that you have your ringtones selected and you just need to click on Import Button to start transferring them to your iPhone.

Again, you can either set a ringtone by clicking from iTools on Make Rington, or you can change between added ringtones using your iPhone (first make sure you uploaded music classified under Ringtone on right sidebar of iTools) by navigating to (Settings > Sounds > Ringtone) then choose your new desired ringtone.
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