How to Fix Blogger Posts Thumbnails Not Showing

Recently, google has made changes to which may caused some trouble for users, especially those who use custom templates and modifications like (Related Posts) for example, or any other blogger tricks including third-party widgets.

Blogger Posts Thumbnail Issue

It happened when I noticed that some of my newly posted posts thumbnails were missing from my related posts widget. So, I figured out that there is something wrong with my new posts causing the problem, I looked into the HTML code for both cases (NEW and OLD) posts and I saw the difference (look at photo below).

If you look closely, you will notice that image source's link is different when it comes to type of hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP), old post's image was inserted with the regular protocol while the new post's image is inserted with the secure protocol instead.

Fix Thumbnails Not Appearing

The solution for this is very obvious, for now, you can revert the newly posted first image's code to the regular protocol (HTTP://image-link) instead of the secure one (HTTPS://image-link) and everything will be fine. When I did that, all missing thumbnails started to show fine in my related posts widget.
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