DRM Policy

Your access and use of this site is conditioned upon your compliance and acceptance of the following DRM Policy including our Terms of Use. Equally, all of our terms and policies apply to any visitor.


This page is reviewed and revised from time to time. Our DRM Policy was last modified on November 21, 2016.

iSmooth Blog is against DRM and you have free access to content targeted at numerous DRM-Removal topics, note that ismoothblog.com may be referred to hereinafter as ("us", "we", or "our"); this site provides various tools and tutorials on how to remove restrictions from digital material. However, any content published here is not meant for you to abuse a permanent copy of the DRM-Free output material.

Supporting DRM-Free Content

We are making it possible for you to enjoy the content that you have bought in the manner of your choice with every right of ownership. Nonetheless, you must understand that iSmooth Blog discourage misuse and re-distribution of DRM-Free content around the web, in this case according to the (DMCA) law it's definitely illegal to do.

By using the site, you agree to keep the DRM-Free content only for self-use not for sharing it with others to avoid copyright violation in accordance with this policy and the (DMCA) law in the United States.

About DRM Restrictions

Digital Restrictions Management is technology that controls what you can do with the digital media and devices you own. When a program doesn't let you share a song, read an e-Book on another device, or play a game without an internet connection, you are being restricted by DRM. In other words, DRM creates a damaged good. It prevents you from doing what would normally be possible if it wasn't there, and this is creating a dangerous situation for freedom, privacy and censorship.

According to defectivebydesign.org, DRM (Digital Rights Management) are about restrictions, not rights. Apparently, users try to get rid of DRM so they can gain full advantage over their purchased content. These are the most important reasons (or restrictions) that may force you to use DRM-Remval tools:
  • You are restricted to use the purchased content only on a certain device.
  • You are restricted to read the purchased e-Book only on a certain e-Reader.
  • DRM gives media and technology companies the ultimate control over every aspect of what people can do with their media.
  • If a company decide to stop running the Media or e-Book we would lose what we have paid for.
  • DRM attempts to make every possible use of digital goods something that must be granted permission for.
  • DRM creates a direction for only few companies to take over the distribution of content in their hands.
  • Some e-Book readers like to write notes inside their books but DRM prevents it.

Any other use of DRM-Removal tools may not be classified as legal, and is the full responsibility of the person(s) utilising the program for the unapproved practice.

DRM-Removal Concerns

Regardless of restrictions, normally DRM-Removal is legitimate assuming that you actually realize your obligations towards the DRM-Free content, it's all about your intention considering fair use otherwise it is unarguably illegal to perform that task.

In fact, it's only legal as long as you are the original owner of the content. Also, your intention to remove DRM must be for gaining the right of ownership over it (including any other reason written above) and NOT for sharing or redistributing it.

Any question or concerns about this DRM-Removal policy can be directed to us via the comment form on any particular post or personally getting in touch with us through our contact form for further clarification.


The content on iSmooth Blog is helping to provide useful information for others which is only meant for educational purposes and not to violate the (DMCA) law in the United States. We are not responsible for the abuse of content over our website.

iSmooth Blog is notifying users to do not redistribute purchased content and to keep it only for self-use. Also, we are encouraging on that purpose of DRM-Removal is mostly to enjoy legally purchased material freely without any restrictions.