11 Jun 2013

How to use AirDrop on Apple iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad or iPod)

It's clear that Apple AirDrop feature on iOS 7 is one of the most admired functions implemented into it. Previously, it was introduced first on Mac OS X but now it's luckily available on Apple's mobile platform.

Apple AirDrop on iOS 7

That feature is known for AirDrop that uses Wi-Fi ad-hoc which allows users to go beyond the maximum speed of Data Transfer on their devices

4 Jun 2013

DeDRM: Ultimate Calibre DRM Removal Plugin for eBooks

This blog has been supporting eBook Readers for a year and the Calibre DRM Removal methods were explained separated with each plugin in a single article. So, now, there is a simpler way to remove DRM from mostly any eBook extension with only one ultimate Calibre DRM Removal plugin.

We don't want DRM Restrictions on our eBooks!

In this post, I am going to show you how to remove DRM from eBooks simply by using the Calibre (DeDRM) Plugin. If you have any question or concerns about

1 Jun 2013

How to Enable Tethering on Android (Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot)

There are still many folks who don't know how to enable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on their android smartphone or tablet devices. There is no doubt that it's really an important and useful feature especially for those who have gotten multiple Android Devices.

Android Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Actually, I wrote this tutorial to explain the way to turn that feature on as it explained simply with the support of photos and tips with each step.

25 Mar 2013

What is an Internet Kiosk?

First of all, you have to know that Internet Kiosk is a sub-type of Interactive Kiosk which is a computer terminal machine providing customized hardware and software.

People Using Interactive Kiosks (Picture Source)

These machines are designed to grant access for people at public places to information and applications of communication, entertainment, education

How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing can be a passive way to Make Money Online, as long as do not follow some important guidelines with your partner or the service. The income can whether be very active or passive.

Successful Affiliate Marketer

Keep in mind that Affiliate Marketing will not make you rich overnight, but there are many ways to use it to gain unbelievable profit. In this article

24 Mar 2013

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online For Living

Today, there are much people discovering that they can Make Money Online. In fact, it opened the way for more job opportunities for those that can't get a good Real Job.

How to Make Money Online

Although, there can be many scams spread on the web, there still are legitimate ways to earn money online. Here are five ways to earn your living online.

12 Mar 2013

Microsoft Excel Password Recovery (Or Removal)

You might put a password on your Excel Files and forget what it was, to find yourself in trouble especially if that file was containing really important data that you don't want to lose.

Excel Files Password Recovery

In fact, the problem on the other hand, there also are a lot of Excel Files that you find on the internet but they are Password-Protected as well