A Journey with an Advanced ERP Software

It's been long since the last time I have posted on this blog, I recently decided to start a freelance job locally at Bahrain which happens to be my home country. In fact, I actually worked for about 6 months officially under a well known company in the same field.

Here we come, Odoo previously known as OpenERP the Open Source ERP and CRM software which contains a large collection of business-related applications and modules such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management and many more. Well, lets make it clear that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

The Beginning of the Journey

Of course, it's my Homelab which is going to be the star of the show for this one. Initially, I have downloaded the official Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa) image and registered the ISO at VMWare ESXI Hypervisor operating on my Dell PowerEdge R720 server.

By the way, there're two options to go with this ERP software for your business, it's either you choose their enterprise solution or you fly with the Community Edition which is completely open source and must be self-hosted. Here, you can find the project code on GitHub while apparently I myself wil be hosting Odoo Version 14 for a long time.

Exploring Odoo ERP System

So, I followed the instructions on GitHub to setup the software on my Linux instance and it went smoothly. After that, I navigated to the IP address of that VM in my case on where the fun started I played around and installed a handful of applications, I won't lie the most interesting one was the Point of Sale module.

Definitely, I won't be walking you through all the features and modules avaiable but I can tell you it's unbelievable. I reached this point after analysing the Inventory Management module from where I created a couple of product templates to demonstrate the process, I defined multiple warehouses with stock locations as well to go with.

The example above shows a particular product quantity on hand being distributed between all the stock locations available within my virtual company. Moreover, you can do a lot more like transfering stock from one location to another and much more.

The Journey Has Begun

Indeed, I can guess that you can tell where this blog is going to focus on, I will be preparing a lot of tutorials related to ERP and how to troubleshoot Odoo from all kind of errors and issues. Additionally, I will be supporting this development platform for a very long time, I am planning to be known and sometime hired as an Odoo Developer from now on.
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