How to Transfer Music from computer to iPhone, iPod or iPad

There are tons of folks annoyed about how complex is trying to Transfer Music from computer (Windows or Mac) to their iPhone, iPad or iPod. So, I decided to clarify the best and easiest way to put your music quickly to your iDevice without having to use Apple iTunes in this article.

Download Music to iDevice

Actually, I wrote this tutorial to explain the quickest and easiest way to transfer music from your Mac or PC to your iDevice for free by using the best alternative program for iTunes which is iTools.

Note : If you wish to transfer file from an iDevice to your computer then feel free to check my two articles (Transfer iOS Files & Transfer iOS Information).

You can use that method to import your desired song to any Apple iOS Device without having to use Apple iTunes so you can enjoy them happily.

How to Get Started?

Simply, make sure that you already have Apple iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows (you are noy going to use it). Great, now just follow (below) four steps to get ready to transfer your data from an iDevices.

Step 1 (Download iTools)

You can get a full version of iTools for free from our download section. Please make sure to get the right version for your Operating System while there are two copies that are either for Windows or Mac.

Step 2 (Run iTools)

Apparently, after that you have downloaded iTools you will have to extract it from its ZIP Archive. Good thing that there is no installation for it and all you have to do is running it by a simple double click.

Step 3 (Connect Your iDevice by USB)

While you are in the Welcome Screen, insert your iDevice using the original USB Cable and look at the left sidebar where you find you Device's name when it's done. After that, several icons will appear and what you are going to do is choosing the Media from options among.

How to Transfer Music to an iDevice?

To download your Music to your iDevice you will have to click on the (Media) option from the left sidebar in iTools. Then, you can press on (Import) to select the songs that you wish to put and if you want to import all music in in one folder you would have to press (Ctrl + A) on your keyboard.

Import Music (Songs) to your iDevice

To do so, choose from the top bar (Import) icon and a menu will appear asking you to select your desired music. Now that you have your songs selected and you just need to click on Import Button to start transferring them to your iDevice.
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