How to Convert eBooks from PDF to ePub Format

PDF e-Books do not run as smooth as ePub e-Books especially on Mobile Devices. Also, they do not give you a great performance since they keep rending the same layout of the Book Design on all devices which impacts negatively on the different screen sizes.

Converting PDF to ePub Format

The most annoying problem is that when you often have to zoom in and out back and forth on your mobile or tablet to get a clear view of what you want to read. Well, the solution of your problem is easy because you can simply convert your e-Book to (.ePub Format) for free by following instructions given in that article.

Actually, the ePub e-Book Extension is a format for files which do not have DRM-Protection that you usually get for free. Apparently, what you are going to do is converting your desired PDF e-Books to that (.ePub) format using an open source e-Book Converter called Calibre.

You can use that method to convert any type of e-Books even those of (Adobe Digital Editions) files to ePub so you can read it nicely to perform the best on Any Device.

How to Get Started?

In fact, keep in mind that you can't normally convert a PDF File that have DRM Restrictions protecting it. instead, you may want to remove DRM from your desired e-Book by following my other article of DRM Removal given in (Step 1). In case that your PDF file doesn't have DRM Protection then you can proceed directly to (Step 2).

Step 1 (DRM Removal)

I have already posted a (Step-By-Step) article explaining how to remove DRM from PDF e-Books easily and you may find the required tools that you need for the DRM-Removal Method of your e-Book for free.

Step 2 (Download Calibre)

Calibre is an open source software for reading and converting various e-Book Formats as well as syncing to many different kinds of eBook readers. Just download and install the latest Calibre for any Operating System from the Official Site.

Step 3 (Install & Run Calibre)

While you are in the Welcome Wizard, make sure to choose a location for your e-Book Library, as well as that your e-Books are ready to be imported.

How to Add & Convert e-Books in Calibre?

I suppose that you already have Calibre installed on your computer by that time. Sweet, what you need now is just importing the PDF e-Books you wish to convert to an ePub e-Book Format. To do so, you have to click on Add Books button on the top left.

How to Convert & Add e-Book in Calibre

Well, after importing your e-Books to the Calibre Library you would be able to convert them to any type of e-Book Formats. So, you can simply highlight your e-Books and click on Convert Books button.

Calibre out-put Format

Once, you click on that button would see the out-put format (Top-Right) of your selected e-Book is set to e-Pub by default so you can just click (OK). Great, there is only one single step left and it is exporting the ePub File that you have just made from Calibre Library to your computer disk.

How to Export ePub e-Books in Calibre?

Hold on, that is the final step and you just have to save (or export) that ePub from your Calibre Library to your Computer Disk.

Save ePub Format to Disk

Please look at top of Calibre where you would find a button called Save To Disk click on the small (Down-Arrow) on the right of the icon. A menu will appear and you have to choose "Save only EPUB format to disk" from it.
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