How to Remove DRM from Dark Horse Comics

Over the past 5 years, we've been providing many tutorials on how to remove DRM from eBooks and such. Today, I'd like to share with you a method that will let you download a DRM-Free copy of your legally purchased Dark Horse Comics content directly from browser through their official site.

You can follow this tutorial for instructions about DRM Removal simply by using user scripts on your browser. If you have any question or concerns about whether is it legal or not you are welcome to see our DRM Policy.

This is only legal as long as you are the original owner of the content and you are planning to remove DRM to fully gain the right of ownership NOT for sharing it.

How Does it Work

Basically, you will need to enable user scripts over Greasy Fork, depending on your browser you have to install a certain addon, then navigate to acquire and install what seems to be some sort of a Dark Horse Comics Downloader script.

With that being said, let me post a quotation written by the original author of this script:

Made by Hayden Schiff (oxguy3), license is Creative Commons Zero.

This script makes it really easy to download a DRM-free copy of your digital comics on Dark Horse Digital. Simply go to your Dark Horse bookshelf, then disable "Stack by Series" and switch to Gallery View if you haven't already. You will now see a "Download" button below all your comics.

When you click the download button for any of your comics, it'll open the reader for that comic, then start downloading the comic. A red box in the middle of the screen will show you the progress of the download (be warned that things may be a bit laggy while it's downloading). Once it's done, a .CBZ file will pop into your downloads!

If you aren't familiar, a .CBZ file is just a zip file full of JPGs. You can easily open it with a reader app or convert it to a PDF or whatever.

Do not send the (DRM-Free) content to anybody else and keep it only for self-use and also keep in mind that the purpose of removing DRM is to enjoy your legally purchased Books or Media on other devices.

How to Use

Well, I can sum things up in order within the following steps to make it easier:
  • Enable User Scripts: To be able to run user scripts, you need to install a specific addon according to your browser.
  • Install Script: Simply install the required script for Dark Horse Comics by pressing on the green button.
  • Download DRM-Free Copy: Go to your Dark Horse bookshelf, then disable "Stack by Series" and switch to Gallery View if you haven't already.

When everything is done correctly, you should now see a "Download" button below all your comics, that will let you download a clean copy as a ".CBZ" file that can be converted easily to any other format including PDF or EPUB.
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