What is Haptic (Tactile) Feedback Technology?

Haptic Feedback, or haptics, is a technology which takes advantage of the human Sense of Touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user to give a Feeling of Realism on Touch Screens or Video Games through a Haptic Device or Interface and there are two Types of Haptic Feedback which are Tactile Feedback and Force Feedback.

Haptic Feedback Virtual Button

Haptic Feedback on Touch Screens is a process which involves for example sending a small electrical impulse in the user's finger on the screen to give the impression that the screen is not always flat, but in volume! This allows to give a feeling of relief to the Virtual Buttons.

Haptics is a recent enhancement to virtual environments allowing users to "touch" and feel the simulated objects with which they interact. Haptics is the Science of Touch. The word derives from the Greek haptikos meaning "being able to come into contact with". The Study of Haptics emerged from advances in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality is a form of human-computer interaction (as opposed to keyboard, mouse and monitor) providing a virtual environment that one can explore through direct interaction with our senses. To be able to interact with an environment, there must be feedback. For example, the user should be able to touch a virtual object and feel a response from it. This type of feedback is called Haptic Feedback

Haptic Touch Technology has made it possible to investigate how the human Sense of Touch works by allowing the creation of carefully controlled haptic virtual objects. These objects are used to systematically probe human haptic capabilities, which would otherwise be difficult to achieve. These research tools contribute to the understanding of how touch and its underlying brain functions work.


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