12 Mar 2013

Microsoft Excel Password Recovery (Or Removal)

You might put a password on your Excel Files and forget what it was, to find yourself in trouble especially if that file was containing really important data that you don't want to lose.

Excel Files Password Recovery

In fact, the problem on the other hand, there also are a lot of Excel Files that you find on the internet but they are Password-Protected as well. So, what I am going to show you is how to break Microsoft Excel password protection in 3 simple ways.

Recover Excel Files Password by Google Drive

This solution is absolutely fast since that Google Drive can open (Password-Protected) excel files without bothering yourself with downloading programs that can barely work with the different versions of Microsoft Excel.

Recover Excel Password by Google Drive

All you have to do is to log in Google Drive using your Google Account. After that, just upload your excel protected file and you will find that you can access the content on it easily.

Recover Excel Files Password by ZOHO Sheet

ZOHO Sheet is a site that can a second alternative for the first solution. This site can also break the Password-Protection on any excel file.

Recover Excel Password by ZOHO Docs

As well as it let you access the content and to edit on it just like what you could do with the Google Drive site.

Remove Excel Files Password by Ensode's Unlock Utility

That is the last in this article, it can unlock any Password-Protected Excel File and I think it is your best choice among the other two methods so just get on Ensode's Unlock Utility Site.

Ensode's Unlock Utility

Just select the excel file the you wish to decrypt and accept Ensode's Tos then click the submit button. Finally, the tool will let you download a completely Password-Free version of your desired Excel File.