1 Feb 2013

Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iPhone on iOS 6 Jailbreak

Now that you have your iPhone 5/4S/4 jailbroken with the free Evasi0n Jailbreak Tool thanks to @Evad3rs for providing it. Actually, everybody is enthusiast and can't wait to install cool tweaks that are compatible with the iOS 6.

iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks

Honestly, I am very happy having it and also glad to inform you about the most amazing 5 Cydia Tweaks that are compatible with the new jailbreak to make you feel the real difference between a stock or jailbroken iPhone.

Auxo: Tweak (1)

Obviously, it is one of the most important tweaks due to the big difference that it makes to the nature of Apple iOS especially for iPhone 5's larger screen. Instead of simply having the boring application icon running in the background, Auxo displays a live thumbnail of the current status of your applications just like multitasking in Windows 7.

Auxo Tweak

You can also remove the applications one by one through a swipe down motion and since Multi-Touch is featured, you can kill multiple apps at once using more than one finger. Auxo is somehow "smart" because if you try to close an application, for example while it is playing music, a confirmation message will ask to leave rather closing it.

SwipeSelection: Tweak (2)

This tweak is what really reduce stress and pressure! if there is something really annoying in Apple iOS then it is the pain when you are trying to edit or highlight a text. SwipeSelection helps you quickly to move your cursor either backward (left) or forward (right) to highlight or edit your text mistakes by a simple swipe left or right anywhere on your iOS Keyboard.

SwipeSelection Tweak

It is shifting really smooth and should make you feel comfortable while Selecting Text just like when you are on a desktop computer using shift and the arrow keys. Apparently, it is one of the most tweaks that make a minor difference from the Stock iOS and I highly recommend you to get it.

Zephyr: Tweak (3)

Once installed, you will be able to access the App Switcher just by dragging your finger from the bottom of the screen in a swipe up motion, this will also work perfectly as combo move to  fit the first tweak Auxo mentioned in this article.

Zephyr Tweak

The second act provides quick access (multitasking) to change between applications. Simply slide your finger from (right to left) or (left to right) of the screen to switch to another application. Zephyr beside Auxo will definitely take your stock iOS Multitasking ability to the maximum level.

Folder Enhancer: Tweak (4)

In fact, Folder Enhancer makes your iOS Device better than you ever imagined. The most important feature of this tweak is the ability to expand your folders to infinity as well as unlimited Application Pages. This way it removes the restriction on your Stock iOS which limits you to only put like 24 apps in each folder.

Folder Enhancer Tweak

On the other hand, it give you an awesome ability to put a folder inside another folder plus making folders open faster, this helps you to get what you need and move with your own business faster than ever before.

Springtomize: Tweak (5)

Springtomize is best tweak for customizing your device and escape the boring Stock iOS layout. You can disable elements you don not use or that may slow down your device performances, you can customize the look of your icons, the dock, the folders and the Status Bar, or even your Lockscreen.

Springtomize Tweak

It also allows you to save your SpringBoard layout and to restore it later, without wasting time moving icons inside folders or to their original positions! You can also customize various animations of your SpringBoard or add nice mods to current ones, like choosing the color of the Screenshot Flash or to dim your device screen like an old tv when locking!