How To Get Rid of DRM - Remove DRM from eBooks

All eBooks you buy from different e-Book Stores are DRM protected as usual. It is obvious that you don't really own them as you can't enjoy reading them on any device or e-Reader.

e-Books DRM Removal

I am very sure that you want to read them in any way you prefer. So, I am going to guide you through that article which aims to fight the restrictions on our purchased items. What excites me is helping consumers to read the e-Books that they have bought with real money in the manner of their choosing with every right to own them and use them freely.

As I want to get rid of the following scenario : Company (A) doesn't allow e-Books you buy from them to work on Devices or e-Readers of Company (B) because they want customers to buy only from a specific e-Book Store.

If you have any question or concerns about whether is it legal or not you are welcome to see our DRM-Removal Policy.

Disclaimer : The content on that website is just to provide useful information for others which is only meant for learning purposes and not to violate the (DMCA) law.

The Definition of e-Books DRM-Removal

It is the operation of getting beyond the right to logically own your e-Books by circumventing the Digital Rights Management (DRM) on them. Which allows us to gain full advantage over our e-Books. Obviously, it is not piracy because you or I may really like to read our legally purchased e-Books on Any Device or Any e-Reader.

What e-Book Stores are DRM-Protected?

These are the most popular Manufacturing Companies for e-Books with each store listed (See Below).
  • Apple - iBooks Store
  • Amazon - Kindle Store
  • Adobe - Adobe Digital Edition Store
  • Nook - Barnes & Noble Store
  • Fictionwise - Secure eReader Store
  • Kobo - Kobo Vox eReader Store
So, do you buy your e-Books from those companies? You may be annoyed because of the restrictions they have. Apparently, several solutions for your problem is available on this blog so you don't have to worry about it.

How to Remove DRM from e-Books?

I have written Unique Articles for each method of DRM-Removal explaining how to (Step-By-Step) remove DRM from the e-Books that you have legally purchased. So, if you are not the original owner of the content then you are not going to be able to use it.

All methods are still working great but I recommend you also to try the most up-to-date DRM removal method which is DeDRM: Ultimate Calibre DRM Removal Plugin for eBooks that is all-in-one and it can remove DRM from almost any type of e-book.

These methods of DRM-Removal above relies on Open Source Softwares which are powerful and can even be improved in the future. Please try to work to improve the tools and do not forget to share the knowledge.

Warning : Do not send the (DRM-Free) content to anybody else just keep it only for self-use and also keep in mind that the purpose of removing DRM is only to enjoy your legally purchased Books or Media on other devices.

My name is Saleem and I have always been in love with technology which is the knowledge that I am seeking for. I like everything about computers, smartphones and operating systems.

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son cho
December 7, 2015 at 10:12 PM ×

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Này hơn mười đạo thân ảnh, tự nhiên đó là vừa mới đến Viễn Cổ chiến trường không lâu sau cấu thành đoàn đội, lấy Tiêu Viêm cùng với Phương Hoa dẫn đầu mười mấy người, mà bọn họ chuyến này mục đích, còn lại là tìm kiếm một cái ngủ yên địa phương, bởi vì sắc trời duyên cớ, vừa đến buổi tối, Ma thú đó là xảy ra đến tứ lược, sở dĩ để phòng ngừa tranh đấu, bọn họ quyết định tìm kiếm một cái tạm thời an thân chỗ. Trải qua bọn họ điều tra, cự bọn họ gần nhất một chỗ có thể nghỉ ngơi địa phương đó là xa xa kia một tòa cổ miếu.

Dù sao bọn họ mới đến, ngoại trừ Phương Hoa theo hắn chưởng môn nơi nào đạt được một khối địa đồ ở ngoài, cái khác bất luận cái gì đồ vật, đều cần dựa vào chính bọn nó. Còn nữa, này phiến

January 27, 2016 at 1:33 PM ×

I'd be eternally grateful to remove Bondi's rotten DRM from their djvu files. I own 2 sets of software from them, and now the software's close to antiquated. I'd prefer to convert these to pdf, though bigger files. I can do that, but ANY HELP killing their DRM is desperately needed!


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